Thursday, December 20, 2012

Online Brand Reputation and How to Protect It

As a marketer, it is always a tough job to build the online brand reputation for your offers. It takes a considerable amount of time, endeavor, money and intellects to build a strong brand. We know from our personal life that building a good relation might take years, but one single misbehavior or mistake can destroy the relationship within seconds. This can happen to a strong brand too. In the past, it was relatively difficult for a single customer to impair the brand of a reputed company. Now a days, this is an easy job to do. Using the internet, one dissatisfied customer can spread out the bad news and thereby can damage the reputation of an online brand. So a brand whether it is well-established or not, is at stake these days.

Not that your online brand is at stake only by the activities of a dissatisfied client. Your competitors can also take such actions, which can defame your goodwill. They can do it either intentionally or unintentionally.

How Your Online Brand Reputation Is at Stake?
When the online customers take a decision to buy a product or service, they want to justify their decision by finding out the brand name and its reputation. Internet is the source from where they collect information about the brand. When they make the searches in the search engines, they find a number of search results. Search engines show the intended brand name along with some other related results like websites revealing the complaints of the clients of that brand.

In order to protect their users from scams, search engines give priority to the websites that reveal the complaints of the clients of different brands. Scam is a well-known word used in the internet world. Recently I have received an email from “Google 13th Anniversary Awards Centre” saying that I have won £1,000,000.00. It would be the great news for me if it were true. The fact is it’s a scam. You will find thousands of examples like this one. So search engines might not place your website always first. As a result, your potential clients see the negative news about your brand, which damages your online brand reputation.

How to Tackle the Negative News about Your Brand?
Here are they ways:

  • All we know that prevention is better than cure. So talk to your dissatisfied clients; try to find out their difficulty with the product or service; take corrective actions. If everything goes well, you can make your dissatisfied-clients satisfied or even delighted. 
  • Sometimes the dissatisfied clients might not respond to your request to resolve the problem. If they do so, you should not stop. Try to compensate their loss by offering a special discount coupon or gift certificate. Other customers will see it as a way of resolving the issues with the unhappy experience.
  • If the aforesaid two ways don’t work well, then go with other options. Enhance the positive publicity in response to the negative publicity. Create a blog or website. As a sincere marketer, you have satisfied as well as delighted clients too. Try to get testimonials from them and publish those positive words on your blog or website. You can arrange a blog poll for the customers about their level of satisfaction or experience with the products or services you offer.
  • If your blog or website has a high page rank, search engines will place them first. So create quality contents; publish them regularly; utilize the benefits of social media marketing; go with article marketing; bookmark your blog or website on renowned social bookmarking platforms like delicious, dig, reddit etc. Additionally, you can publish press releases on your brand by submitting them on the PR sites.
Check your brand reputation regularly. Search engines are open to all. Use it to find out the negative attacks your brand is facing right now. Your online brand reputation might be at stake at any point in time. So be aware of the risk and take corrective actions in advance.

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