Sunday, December 9, 2012

Steps in Building an Online Brand Identity

Building an online brand identity can boost your business up by manifold ways. What we know about a brand is it’s a name, term, sign, symbol or a combination of these that distinguishes the offers of one seller from those of others. Establishing a brand identity is not an easy task to do. You cannot achieve it within a shorter span of time. It requires consistent and continual endeavor. There are a number of pointers that help establish a brand identity. When you try to build an online brand identity, those key pointers remain the keys to success. Let’s have a look at what are the key pointers: 

Target Market Selection:
The first pointer in building an online brand identity is the target market selection. The scholars of the marketing field also define it as niche selection. Without knowing the target market, how is it possible to develop a marketing plan? So first select the target market to whom you are going to offer your products or services.

Focal Point Determination:
Try to find out the areas or points that differentiate your offers from that of your competitors. Those points can be of your offers’ uniqueness, reliability, durability, price, or the overall quality of your offers. You cannot concentrate on every area you have identified. It is practically impossible. Only focus on those areas that best suited to your niche and at the same time serve your purposes.

Brand symbolization:
Now you have selected those areas you are expecting to concentrate. On the basis of your selected focal points, select a name, term, sign or symbol that visualizes your image. Scholars define it as ‘Logo’. Try to develop a logo that best describes your business; defines your uniqueness; identifies your offers easily. You should take special care in symbolizing your brand because; a wrong decision can ruin the entire process. Anything negative in the eye of your target market can destroy your brand. So symbolize carefully.

Publicizing Your Brand:
Once you have taken the aforesaid three steps, your duty is to publicize your brand image. This is the point where the traditional brand identity and the online brand identity differ from each other. In building traditional brand identity, people go with television commercial, print media, seminar, symposium, and such other ways. On the other hand, while establishing an online brand identity, online community is the target place to consider. You can go with other ways; there is no harm with them. Try to get the benefits of social media marketing, article marketing, press release submission, search engine optimization and so on.

Consistent and Continual Efforts:
As you know only consistent and continual efforts will help you achieve your goal, try to maintain consistency. You can build a website, or blog. Regularly post quality content there. Establish your brand as a reliable one; earn reputation; keep promises you make. Stay in touch with your audiences and interact with your valued clients. Even if, they are not your customers, try to answer their queries; they might become your clients in the course of time. 

Once you succeed in establishing your online brand identity, it’s time to enjoy. Just imagine the brand value of Google, Yahoo, Bing, EzineArticle, Twitter, Facebook, and such other renowned names in the Internet world. Keeping the reputation is as difficult as obtaining it. So take care of your online brand.


  1. What a great blog - as an author I try to impress these things on other authors because publishers won't do the marketing for you. And with so many authors writing in more than one genre, it's important to have a brand that represents all their writing.

    1. Oh Renee! It's my pleasure to have a comment from people like you.

  2. Thank you for sharing. A brand identity has many parts: name, logo, color, symbology, type, tagline, style, and structure, to name a few. When the parts are designed to work as one harmonious whole, a personality is created, meaning emerges and a powerful brand is born.
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  3. Very good post. I have to agree with all your points, however, the last point is key. Being consistent with efforts will ultimately help drive your brand to new heights. Its important, but difficult. It's where most people fail. But those who don't usually see benefits.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an important information. Brand Identity is the outward manifestation of the essence of the corporate brand, product brand or a service brand. Identity development should begin with defining the fundamentals

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  8. Good evening,
    I would also like to add that a Brand Identity is of the Consumers one, it’s what distinguishes you from others. What you do, wear, what you speak is what defines you! For that reaching the right target audience is the core of brand identity in which will build customer relationship & loyalty.
    So by that will result in easier promotion phase production now that the identity is established. Along with the logo, business card, letter head & envelop they should all follow a signature technique meaning of same criteria.
    Sincerely Ivey Louis

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    While brands are far more than logos. brand identities are an expression and reflection of an organization’s culture, character, personality,and its products and services.
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