Saturday, January 5, 2013

Creating and Promoting the Value Proposition for Your Small Business

Creating the value proposition by the small businesses to convey the message of what they are going to deliver to their customers is a crucial task in the total marketing campaign. Customers seek for the value in exchange for their money. As product marketers can visualize their offers, it is relatively easier for them to create the value proposition for their offers. On the other hand, for service marketers, it is not easy to say what the value the customers are getting from them is. Customers can see what Nokia handset is, but can’t see what they receive from Telenor. Whether you are a product marketer or service marketer, a clear, concise and distinct articulation of the value proposition is a must.  

Furthermore, a well-articulated value proposition can provide the small businesses a number of great benefits in their online marketing efforts. For example, they can select the exact keywords or keyword phrases they should concentrate on.  

Now the question is: “How will you create the value proposition for your offers?” 
Well, this is not as tough job as you are thinking. Conduct a research on how you will answer the questions I have mentioned below. The questions might not be identical in every situation, i.e. for every products or services. But the major issues you can address by answering all of them. The questions might be of: 
  • What do you do for your clients? 
  • Why your offer is important to them? 
  • What is the unique value you are bringing to them? 
  • What features of your service do they appreciate? 
  • Why do your clients think you are different from your competitors?
While answering these questions, find out the inherent features of your product or service. Then, correlate the features with the benefits they provide to the customers, i.e. evaluating from customer’s point of view. Finally, write down the list of benefits; they will help you articulate the value proposition for your offers. 

One important point you should keep in mind: consider yourself as a customer of your offers. Doing this will help you locate what benefit or value do your customers seek from you; how they see your offers; what unique value do they get from you; how they differentiate your offers from that of your competitors. 

Promote Your Value Proposition Online:

After developing the value proposition, you should promote that online. The clear, concise and distinct articulation of the value proposition will help you find out the keywords or the keyword phrases for your small business. You know keyword selection is very important in the online marketing campaign. For example, if you are doing business targeting the prospective customers in your local area, you should include the area name in your value proposition and thereby in the keyword phrases. 

Create a blog or website for your company. Blog is a great platform to do the proper customer relationship management. Do proper On page and Off page SEO.  

Create profiles on the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and so on… You can get the benefits of social media marketing

You can search for the blogs in your niche, then comment on them. Do that job in such a way that the readers of those blogs see you as an expert on the topic. If you make attention grabbing comments, you will find some visitors from there for sure.  

You can go with article marketing. Article marketing has some unique features from that of other methods. 

Create your value proposition; promote them properly, hopefully your small business will see some boosts. 

Share your views by commenting below. I would definitely appreciate your efforts. Thanks to all.


  1. Shiful,
    A great topic for discussion for sure. To me, creating the value proposition is easy. I define a good value proposition as:

    "A statement that indicates how can I solves a problem or provide a benefit or produce certain results to my prospect."

    If I can state that precisely, I think I've a good value proposition. Rest is easy. Hope it adds value to your post.


    1. Yes Kumar, that's the point. A clear, concise and definite statement that shows what we are going to deliver to our prospects. Thank you for your valued thought.

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