Friday, November 30, 2012

The Best Facebook Strategy for the Success Hunters

With more than a billion active users from every country in the world, whether you agree or not, Facebook has established itself as the popular most social network in the world. People from each and every corner of the world engage themselves in that platform to build a network among their fans, friends, and families.  Establishment of a network by which people can keep themselves in touch with others was one of the major goals for creating that platform. Facebook has become one of the great ways for the business people these days to promote their offers to their target audiences. Only a well-planned Facebook strategy can make use of that great opportunity. Here, I have pointed out the three basic steps you as a business people, should touch while establishing the Facebook strategy
Set up a Rich Profile:
First, try to set up a rich Facebook profile. What you need to open a Facebook account are an email address and one portrait of you. Once your account creation is completed, you might need to verify your identification. Your next step is to enrich the profile.  You can do it by providing interesting information, like the place where you got your birth; where you grew up; the name of your school, college, and university; your present place of working; your likes, dislikes, love, and affection; and anything that might seem to be interesting to the fans. You can also share your childhood photographs, stories, and academic and career achievements. The more you include interesting features, the more your friends will connect to you. 

Connect to Friends:
After setting up a rich profile on Facebook, your next step is to connect to your friends. Here, you should keep in mind that increasing friend base does not mean that it will produce more and more leads for you. Try to figure out the friends in your specific niche. Niche specific friends only can ensure their engagement in your posts. Just do searches in the Facebook with the keywords of your niche; you will surely find lots of friends having similar kind of characteristics, backgrounds, and interests. Send them friend requests with a pleasant note of introduction. Also, acknowledge their acceptance by sending a thanking message. Don’t send more than 25 to 30 requests per day. It will mark you as spammer; you might require further verification then.

Engage Friends Actively:
Engaging your friends in your posting is not as easy as you may think of. If you can’t engage them actively in your postings; there is no meaning of increasing the friend base. Now, you may ask “How can I ensure their active engagement?” The only way of engaging them in your posting is your active engagement in the postings your friends make. Like their posts; make comments on their status; they will in return do the same. Your likes, and comments will notify your friends with red inked ‘1’ symbols which will make them curious to see what’s that. They will feel interest in viewing your profile. That’s the opportunity to gain their favor. Some of them will like you for sure. Once you have established a strong rapport with your friends; you can politely ask them to share your links on their page. Don’t forget offering the same benefit to them. Day after day, their involvement will increase for sure. 

Follow this simple Facebook Strategy and secure The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for the Small Businesses.

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