Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social Media Marketing Myths Revealed: Part Two

This is the final chunk of my previous article on “Social Media Marketing Myths Revealed: Part One. Here, I have addressed another seven myths about social media marketing by the following paragraphs:

It’s monotonous: The Eighth Myth
It’s true that social media marketing requires regular monitoring. So the task may seem to be somewhat monotonous. If you can develop a system and time schedule, you can avoid that monotony. Do some research; find out your target audiences; deduce the peak hours they interact on social media. These are not so difficult jobs, are they? If you can do these tasks successfully, you can monitor your social media marketing activities by devoting only one or two hours a day.

It requires really young and energetic person: The Ninth Myth
There is a controversy whether you should hire a young and energetic person or an old one to oversee the social media marketing activities. You should consider only the qualification of that person, not the age. If a young person, whether he is 25 or less, have the required competency to do the job, hire him. What’s the problem with the age? Apply the same rule to the person who is 40 or more.

Audiences are only young people: The Tenth Myth
Another misconception about social media is that only the people of this generation engage themselves on the social media networks. In other words, the myth is: the people who have nothing to do only waste their time on social media. It is totally ridiculous. Billions of people, who have internet connections, interact there. How is it possible that all of them are from the current generation? In fact, people from different age groups use social media to keep themselves in touch with their friends, families, and acquaintances.

It only increases visitors, not the customers: The Eleventh Myth
We all know that the function of marketing is to bring the information about a product or service to the potential customer. And, the social media marketing is doing that job successfully. After getting the required information, if the visitor finds something valuable for him, he will take an action. It totally depends on the discretion of the visitor. You cannot persuade him to take an action. In fact, you have no power to do that. You only can let him know the product or service. And, the social media marketing is doing that specific job very successfully.

It’s so fast: The Twelfth Myth
Yes, it is really fast. For example, if you tweet something in your twitter account, it will not last longer. Just after a few seconds, your followers will not see it. How can you solve this problem? It’s very simple. Re-tweet it with slight modification. Again, you would say that it takes time. No problem. Please read the myth number eight again; you may find the solution.

It’s a public platform to criticize my product or service: The Thirteenth Myth
As a marketer, you cannot avoid this criticism. If your product or service is not up to the mark or does not match the customers’ expectation, they will criticize. They don’t consider whether you use the social media marketing or not. Just concentrate on improving the product and service quality, which ultimately will stop the criticism. Will they stop criticizing if you don’t use the social media marketing? No, they have other platforms to do that.

It’s free: The Fourteenth Myth
You might agree that social media marketing is not free. Yes, it’s less costly compared to other forms of marketing. To know how it is less costly, please read my another article titled The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for the Small Businesses”. Is it possible to achieve something without any investment? You will have to invest your money, expertise, time and so on. Otherwise, you will not gain any result from your social media marketing efforts.

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