Saturday, October 27, 2012

Twitter Strategy for the Success Hunters

Marketing your product or service using social media networks is one of the cheapest ways you can use. A number of social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ are operating successfully in the market. Every platform has its unique features. As a marketer, if you decide on to go with every platform, you can. For this, you must have a unique strategy for each network before going with them all. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to be successful in promoting your products or services. Here in my article, I am going to discuss the Twitter strategy that you can apply in generating more leads for your business.

Identify the target audiences and follow them:
Find out who your target audiences are. You should consider a number of factors in finding out your target audiences: your product or service, your competitors, demographic characteristics of the audiences, etc.          You can identify them by observing their profiles and conversation. In Twitter, there are some unique search features which you can use to find them out. Your next step is to follow them. In most of the time, they will do you a favor by following you in response to your following. Try to follow as many people as you can. This will increase your follower. You know increase in follower means greater exposure for your product or service. One point you should keep in mind, don’t follow thousands of people in a day; just go naturally.

Set an attainable objective and determine the required action plan:
Setting an attainable objective is the first step in every strategy. Twitter strategy is not the exception to this rule. First, set your twitter marketing objectives: building brand awareness, generating leads, increasing the customer base, retaining current customers, building brand loyalty, and so on. Once you have set your objectives, determine what action plans you need to have to achieve those objectives. Tweeting or re-tweeting, direct messaging, replying, and favorite are some of the actions you can include in your plan. Try to understand what the trends are. Tweet regularly. In 10% to 25% tweets, you can include your sales pitches. Setting a time schedule for executing the action plan is also important to achieve the goals. So set a proper time schedule and move forward accordingly.

Create content that your followers show interest in:
Always try to understand your followers; their conversations; their attitudes and approaches; their responses; their interactions with others. Give priority to your customers’ views; change your tone or voice where necessary. Always provide accurate and authentic information; links; contents; or whatever it is. Decide on whether you will go formal or informal. You can use both formal and informal approaches according to your customers’ demographic characteristics. Apply tactics where you want to include a call to action in your content.

One unique feature of Twitter is that your tweets or small messages will go out of the scene just after a few seconds. Likewise, you must have to be unique in developing your twitter strategy. I hope you will get the positive results in your twitter marketing strategy by following these three steps and thereby get the Benefits of Social Media Marketing.

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