Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ways to Protect the Ownership of Your Facebook Page

Now a days, creating a Facebook page has become one of the greatest ways you can use to interact directly with your prospects and customers. Most businesses create their Facebook pages by hiring an expert or request a friend to create it for them. Creating a Facebook page is not as difficult as you are assuming. Rather, it is very simple job to do. As a businessperson, you might have not enough time in hand and have other jobs to oversee. That’s why you might depend upon others to do the job. There is no harm with that. Here, I have pointed out some key issues you should keep in mind while employing an expert to create the Facebook page for your business. 

If you wish to employ an expert person who will create the page for your business, ask him to open a fresh email ID and a Facebook profile using the details you provide. Then, tell him or her to use them while creating the Facebook page. This is because, your employed expert might quit your company for any reason; you might have no control over him; you might want to fire him for the sake of your company’s interest. If any of these things happens, who will take over the ownership of your Facebook page? This fresh email ID and Facebook profile will save you. 

Follow the same rule, if you have a partner or friend who is an expert or claims to be an expert in creating the page. The reason is that the relationship with your friend or partner may not remain as friendly as it is now. Anything can ruin it at any time. Unluckily, if it happens, he or she might not give you the ownership of the Facebook page. You, as a businessperson must have the precautionary measures to protect yourself and your business. 

In both cases, immediately ask the creator to add one or two administrators who can take control over the page. This administrator will protect your ownership if the expert leaves the company; you have problems with your friend or partner. If you cannot do this, leaving the expert or bad relationship with your friend or partner may be the cause of losing the ownership of your Facebook page. In the recent past, it was impossible to delete the creator from Facebook page. Now, it is possible to remove him or her by the other administrator. 

Creating a Facebook page is nothing but just a matter of time. You can create it at any time. So it’s not the important point to consider.  The collection of likes is the most important factor for your page. Is it possible to get 100, 500, 1000 or 5000 likes within a very short period? This is certainly a time-consuming as well as difficult job to do. Only continual interaction with the fans can help gain these huge likes. 

Moreover, losing the ownership of the Facebook page might destroy your goodwill among the prospects and customers. The person, who holds the ownership of the page, might give wrong or misleading information about your company’s product or service. 

So protect yourself and your business by keeping the ownership of the Facebook page in your hand and enjoy the Benefits of Social Media Marketing.


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