Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Write Article for Your Blog: Simple Tips to Follow

The one and only way to succeed in blogging today is the acquiring of the techniques on how to write article. While blogging, visitors are the target audiences to whom you are selling your intellect. If you don’t provide them with quality contents, i.e. relevant articles, they will never come back to your blog. That means you will fail to achieve your predetermined goal. On the other hand, if you have the writing competencies, you will succeed for sure; you will find regular readers when you write article

How to write article for the readers is a big question. This is not an easy job though. Only continual endeavor can help you acquire the techniques on how to write article. Here are a few simple tips:

Write conversationally:
Always write article by keeping your readers in mind. If your readers feel that you are just talking to them, they will enjoy the writing for sure. By that feeling, the reader will think that you are writing only to solve his or her problem only. When you write anything new, they will come back to read your article. Even, they will visit your blog regularly to see whether you have written anything new or not. 

Conduct a Keyword Research:
Before the writing, always conduct a keyword research to detect the areas or the terms your visitors are searching for. Make possible modifications to your keywords or keyphrases, so that you have the better idea on how you can attract more and more readers. Select high volume but low competitive keywords for your article. By that way, you will get better search results for your article on various search engines. You know better search result means more and more readers to your article. 

Keyword Density:
Keyword density is another important point you always should keep in mind when you write article. Always try to write naturally; insert the keywords where necessary. The first and last sentences of the introductory paragraph of your article should include the keywords. You should end the article with a sentence containing the main keyword. 1% to 3% keyword density is natural. Search engines see the article positively, which has the keywords anything in between those percentages. If your keyphrases has three words, for example, you should consider all three words in calculating the keyword density. Finally, don’t forget to include your keyword in your article title. 

Niche Specification:
Your blog should provide your readers with good quality contents regularly only in the niche that you have targeted. Don’t write article randomly only because you find the topic interesting. If you think you can write and maintain another blog, that’s better. You can create another blog for another niche. Never publish anything unrelated with your current blog. 

Short and Specific:
Your article should be short enough to keep the readers interest. If you write a 2000 words article, only a few readers will read it. If you think you can write 2000 words, make it three or four articles by segregating the idea into three or four parts. People are so busy with their daily works. They have no time to waste. They search for concise information. I think an article with 400 to 700 words is the best. On the other hand, you should not write too short articles. An article around 250 words is not good. Write as specifically as possible. Avoid unnecessary information. 

Visualization of the Content:
People love visualization. If you can, insert one, two or three small images. Also, you can include a very short video. This option will enable you to talk to your readers directly. They will feel that you are talking to them, which will increase the interaction with your readers. Avoid including too much visualization. The readers of your article might not enjoy anything excess. 

Introduce Yourself:
While reading your articles, the readers might want to identify who you are. Your identification will authenticate your article. Try to include a signature box at the end of your article. Provide readers with your background information; your niche, your interest; anything you find interesting. Readers love article of a writer who is transparent. 

Writing is fun when you know how to write. Follow these simple tips and write articles for your blog.


  1. Great article.

    I will need to keep those tips in my mind when I write any new article on my blog.

  2. Hi Shiful, great article. I am already using some of your strategies, but will be putting the others into action. Love reading your tweets, great content.