Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Unique Features of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a widely used way of bringing the potential customers to your website or blog. There are a number of ways you can use to attract the visitors from all around the world. You can use social media platforms; you can comment on blogs in your niche; you can post on forums; you can take part in the guest blogging; you can submit your site to directories. All of those techniques will bring thousands of visitors to your site. There is nothing harm with those techniques. In addition to bringing visitors; article marketing does a lot more than that of other techniques do.  Here are the six specific features of article marketing

Visitors Are the Potential Customers:
The first unique feature of article marketing is: it brings potential customers to your site or blog. How? People search for the internet in order to collect information on a specific product, service, topic in mind, or any other subject. They usually use search engines to find out the information they require. They also search for in the renowned article directories like EzineArticle, Yahoo!Voice GoArticle, ArticleBase, etc. They read articles on a specific product, service or offer. If they find the article interesting, they want to know a little more about the writer whom they find at the bottom of that article. Normally, an article has a resource box where the writer can insert a link to his or her blog or website. Following the link, the reader visits the blog or website from where he learns more about the product or service. The reader who visits the site following the link of your article is certainly a potential customer.

Low Advertising Cost:
This is the marketing technique by which you can attract the most targeted customers for your product or service. Your duty is to write informative articles and post them on article directories. What is the cost of writing an article if you can do it by yourself?

Branding Your Products or Service:
This is another feature of article marketing. As articles bring only the readers who are the potential customers to your product or service, they help create brand recognition. If you offer quality products or services, they become regular customers to your products or services. By that way, they become loyal customers. You know how valuable loyal customers are. 

Immediate Response:
I have mentioned earlier that the visitors who visit your site or blog as a result of article marketing are your potential customers. They only visit your blog or site if your article can satisfy them. When they visit your site, they probably are very close to the buying decision. They may contact you for further information. If their expectations match with your offer, they will response immediately. 

Long-Term Relationship:
While reading your article, the readers only click on the link of the resource box if they find it interesting and worthy of their time. Their clicks indicate that you are an authentic writer to them. In other words, your intellect has convinced them. This is the opportunity for you to build up a long-term relationship with the readers and convert them into the consumers of your product or service. 

Enhancing the Page Rank:
While submitting your articles to high PR article directories, they allow you to insert a link at the bottom of the article. This is an important opportunity to create backlinks for your site or blog. You know that search engines give priority to high PR backlinks while measuring the page rank of a site or blog.  So this is an extra benefit you can get from article marketing

Article marketing is a unique way of generating more and more leads for your business. This is very cost effective too. If you write informative articles about your products or services, you will get the benefits over the years. If the demand for the products or services exists, it will last longer.