Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Successful Blog: What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid?

Establishing a successful blog is not an easy job. As a blogger, when you succeed, you enjoy a manifold benefits. If you are a businessman, you will succeed in gaining online exposure to your products or services. If you are a blogger blogging only for making money online, you will earn a handsome income.  If you just want to share your ideas and thoughts in the online community, then your blogging success will help you gain self-actualization. The question is how you can establish a successful blog. Right? Just avoid the mistakes a blogger makes while blogging. The most common mistakes you should avoid establishing a successful blog are: 

Niche Selection:
This is the first mistake a blogger makes. You know how important the niche selection is. Never select the niche that you are not passionate at. Always give priority to your passion. If you really love a niche, you will be able to write one article after another. Your blog will never fall short of quality contents. 

Inconsistent Blog Posting:
A successful blog always requires consistent postings. Most of the bloggers who fail, write very inconsistently. If you post, for example, one article today, and then another one after six months, you will not succeed for sure. If you do so, your visitors will consider your blog as dead. So regular updating is a must. Try to post at least once in a week. Of course, you should give priority to quality over quantity. 

Immediate Result:
This is another mistake most bloggers make. Success never comes easily. I believe you will agree with me that your blog will get a lot of visitors only after a reasonable time. There is no trademarked time-frame though. The number of visitors will increase gradually over time with the smooth functioning of your blog. Only continual endeavor can ensure your blogging success. So concentrate on developing your blog, not on success. 

Writing Style:
Writing style is a crucial point in successful blogging. Keep in mind that not all of your visitors possess the identical proficiency over the language you write in. People will read your blog only when they can understand your writing. So keep simplicity; use commonly used words; avoid ambiguity. Pick a relevant title to your article that gives an idea what about you’re going to write. 

Neglecting Audiences:
You can establish a successful blog only when you take care of your visitors. We all know that there is a common term “Content is the King”. I think visitors are also the king. They have a lot of options in their hand to collect information for their purposes. If you don’t answer to their queries, they will never come back and read your blog posts. So try to build a long-term relationship by responding their queries. 

Promoting the Blog:
This is the era of hyper-competition. Thousands of scholars are competing there to attract the visitors. Never think that visitors will automatically find your blog. So promoting your blog is very important. Concentrate on both on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Always follow the natural ways to optimize your blog. 

Blog Design:
Don’t overlook the importance of your blog design. This is another cause why most bloggers don’t succeed. If your blog takes so much time to open, visitors will just click the cross symbol on the top-right corner of his browser and switch over to another source of information. So make the blog user-friendly so that the visitors never become annoyed at it.  

Money Making Machine:
Avoid thinking your blog as a money making machine. If you over-emphasize on money, you will not be able to provide your readers with the quality contents. Ultimately, your entire endeavor will go in vain. Continually develop the quality of your blog; success will come true for sure. It is known to all that money is the natural flow of the successful blog.
These are the common mistakes a blogger makes while blogging. Avoid making those mistakes and create a successful blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing your post. Good points.
    Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  2. These are all excellent tips. Along with posting regularly, I like to schedule each posting so it comes online at an expected time every post day. In this sense I think of my blog as being like a TV show or a newspaper. My regular readers have an expectation and know when a post will appear. If you're the sort of writer who likes to post whenever writing inspiration hits, I recommend writing up the posts and scheduling ahead of time (unless you're doing a news blog or something that requires immediate attention. Less stress for the blog owner and more regular readers who come know when to come visit.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Arlee! Oh! that's a great point. I will follow your tips.

  3. Awesome post with excellent points. Well, writing style is indeed crucial. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Nice tips you got there.

    I am still learning how to run a blog properly and one of the things I need to fix is my inconsistent blog postings.